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Staff, past and present share their stories of working at Sale hospital,

•   Julie, Pam & Peter recall tales from Environmental Services

•   Michael, Marshall & Megan provide insight into  Medical Imaging and the invaluable role played by Dr Clay Willington

•   Glenyss, Nancy and Ann retell rich stories from the early Intensive and Coronary care days that include nursing snippets from the 70’ and 80’s

•   Dr Rob Ziffer shares his story of the development of Specialist medical services and Critical Care

•   Madeleine tells of arriving in Sale to nurse, her developing passion for teaching and subsequent recruitment to the GBH School of Nursing.

•   Betty Whykes (nee Wilson) remembers Sale Hospital in 1932 as the daughter of the Cook.  She weaves a delightful tale of her first position at sixteen (like Mom, in the kitchen), followed by various support service roles up to retirement in 1984.

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